Tap dormant knowledge in conversation and conquer silos


We use AI to discover knowledge and opportunities within conversation automatically, to enable you to do better distributed and advisory work, across groups, locations, and conversation style.

Prevent silos

Cross-pollinate knowledge and sentiments to people and places within and across the boundaries of locations, groups, and organizations.

Connect the dots

Connect your existing G-suite or Office-365 content to knowledge and task management instead of fragmented workflow between conversation and apps.

Be productive

Quicken analysis and craft solutions better with summary and detail views of text and voice conversations.

Scale interactions

Interact seamlessly across multiple conversation styles within interactions.

Automatic takeaways

Surface status info, knowledge, and sentiments dormant in conversation, automatically.

Interaction intelligence

Visualize interactions across groups, timezones, and organizations, and schedule intelligently.

Cross-pollinate actions

Propagate discussed takeaways into handoffs, followups, and knowledge shares without typing.

Conversation styles

An interface that is compatible with multiple conversation styles.