About Us

We are reinventing communication apps. We capture and harvest key features from conversation, segmenting and unentangling its vast and voluminous character. Our composite experience design, telecom integration, and artificial intelligence methodology condenses conversation into chunks that users can reuse for follow up / knowledge / sharing. This helps un-balkanize people and work, reduces execution risk, and increases knowledge gain for our users.

Our Values


Email us if you would like to be considered for a position or are curious and would like to learn more.

You can expect to have a phone and friendly video meeting where you can screen-share your work if you like. This is followed by a brief trial period where you work on something new. We base our decision on requirement matching, rapport, merit and values- we do not use any recruitment strategy because we believe they cause a lot of workforce imbalance issues.

We are HQ in California and we can often accommodate remote work.