About us

Communication and understanding is at the heart of human intelligence. At dialoggBox our goal is to help you orchestrate performance and trigger new thinking, by bringing to light dormant knowledge and cues in conversation automatically. Using our dialoggBox app and our AI engine you can discover status info, answers, proposals, accolades, and concerns, from your work discussions, consultations, interviews, and brainstorms everyday -- across the boundaries of groups and conversation styles -- and share it with relevant people.

Who we are ...


Ritu, Founder & CEO
Fortune 500 & Startup experience | Product Management | Corporate Development | Software Development | Microsoft & Google partners | Morgan Stanley | Dartmouth & Maryland Computer Science | UCLA MBA | Roorkee


Jaideep, Advisor / Interim CRO
Fortune 500 & Startup advisory | Computer Science | Artificial Intelligence | Data Mining | Amazon | Berkeley PhD Computer Science | IIT Kanpur | U Minnesota

Krishna, Evangelism & Creativity
Startup experience | Content Development | U Kentucky Computer Engineering

Akshay, Machine Learning
NLP experience | Cornell Mathematics | BITS

Simon, Engineering
Full stack | National Engineering College

Mingye, Finance & Strategy
Finance & Economics | U Maryland

Gregory, UI Design
99 Designs